I lost the love of my life May 2, 2014. To a bitch named Mikeala. And I really fucking can’t stand it…. I just can’t…. xc I’m pissed and depressed and just everything…. xc idek what to do anymore….



Pages all filled out in my Gravity Falls journal #3. I have no idea what order they go in (or even if that’s been consistently canonically established), and even the order they’re in here is not the same as the order I put them in the book. Because consistency is for chumps.

It still isn’t finished, as several pages have photographs taped in so next will be drawing/printing/cutting and affixing those.

A few artistic liberties were taken where clear references were unavailable; and a lot of the writing is gibberish scribbles (you can tell, because the scribbles are more legible than my attempts at cursive).

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I lost the most important person in my life. I was with him for a year and 5 months. I lost my virginity to him, he was my everything and I never wanted to lose him… But I did… xc things change, you can’t do anything about it…. >~<

I would do anything to have him back in my life…. To be able to kiss him one last time. To be able to hold his hand and love him again…. But that won’t happen.

And the worst part is… Everyone tells me not to cry, to forget about him… Well, I can’t. I can’t just forget it all… I can’t…. It’s so difficult… I cry myself to sleep every night just thinking about it…




I think it’s so sad when students stop caring at the end of the year. Like ” I don’t give a Fuck if I fail, I just want school to be over” but you can tell they care. They do. BUT the pressure, expectations and the stress that they have been experiencing early in the semester has totally killed their motivation. We spend 9 months studying for a test that we lose motivation for anyways.”